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Sell everything you write, and have readers clamoring for your words when you build your platform...

"What Do Top Professional Writers Know That You Don't?

"Discover The Secrets Of Your Writer's Platform:

"Become Irresistible To Clients,

"And Never Hunt For A Writing Job Again..."

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Solve the mystery of your writer's platform:
Receive six easy lessons to help you to build your platform;
Confidential -- the ONE skill you must have to work with leading companies and publications:
Chances are you already posses this skill in some form. If not, it's easy to develop;
Transform your writing life, so that writing becomes a joy when you employ three major platform-building strategies, which I use, and which you can use...
Tired of dealing with uncooperative clients? The Web's flooded with "writers", which means that clients get burned. Understandably, they're suspicious and unhappy, and they take it out on you. It's time you discovered the secrets of building a writer's platform...
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Hi Fellow Writer

I'm sure you've heard the term "writer's platform".

"Building your platform" is all the rage among savvy writers, because they know that without a platform, writing is just too hard. You're stuck writing like a demon for pathetic pay. No one knows you, and no one cares.

Let's change all that... :-)

Before we get started, we'll define what we're talking about.

Platform is simple: it's your AUDIENCE.

Here's a secret: you can deliberately build your platform with everything you do.

Common ways to build your platform include:

* Speaking (if you're cringing, relax -- you don't have to speak!)

* Blogging (done the right way, of course...)

* Publishing online and offline, to build your name;

* Creating a mailing list and ezine -- basically, letting people get to know you;

* Using social media (again, done the right way. Otherwise it's a waste of prime writing time.)

Some of the these common platform-building methods work, others are more trouble than they're worth.

If you want to know the prime platform-building methods, read on...

My writing life became easier, once I discovered the secrets of platform

In the mid-1990s, I was lunching with an editor. I was under contract to her publishing house for a couple of books. They sent me a questionnaire. Not only did they want to know my plans for marketing the books (fool that I was, I though that was their job), they also wanted to know about my platform.

So I asked the editor what a platform was. She told me that my platform was my audience, and gave me some great advice: "always, always, build your platform."

I've never forgotten that discussion. Years later, my "build your audience" mantra was the prime reason I started an ezine for creatives, and then several blogs -- the ezine and blogs helped me to build my platform in ways I enjoyed.

You MUST build your platform

Building your platform was always important for authors. These days, it's mandatory for every writer, because writers have become a commodity. Anyone can call himself a "writer".

Since anyone and everyone can call himself a writer, it means that people who hire writers get burned with shoddy writing -- or with writers who take their money and disappear. They're wary. They no longer care if you call yourself a writer, they want some evidence that this is so. In other words, they want to know that you have an audience -- a platform.

Become the one in one thousand writer who understands platform

Today, because of the intense competition, not only from other professional writers, but also from "writers", building your platform is vital.

I've been writing about platform on my Fab Freelance Writing Blog, and in the ezine.

However, I was well aware that platform is a huge topic. It demanded a program, devoted solely to platform building. In other words, a program devoted to writing to sell.

Platform building equals writing to sell

I know too many writers who put off platform building. Those writers never get the opportunities they could be enjoying.

Therefore, I encourage you to focus on platform. It's the only way you can ensure that you'll sell everything you write.

Try this scenario: two writers are being considered for a gig which is on-going, and which pays extremely well. One writer has a platform -- a readership. Does he get the gig? Of course he does. He brings something of value to the table.

Or this scenario. You've just completed an ebook you want to sell on the Kindle. Another writer's completed an ebook too… he has a Twitter following of 3,000. Who sells more ebooks in the first week? You, or the writer who has the Twitter following?

A platform ensures that you get great writing jobs, and that you sell what you write.

You don’t have to become “famous”

Several readers of the first edition of this program worried about becoming famous.

Building your writers’ platform needn’t mean that you strive for fame and fortune. Many (most) professional writers build their readership step by step, client by client, and ebook by ebook.

A wise marketer said that you can make a great living once 400 people know your name. It’s true. Once people get to know you, they pass your name around. You can speed up your platform-building by writing ebooks, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to.

As you’ll discover with this program, all you need to do is create and promote, with your platform in mind.

Revised and Expanded for 2014: Your Write to Sell System: Build a Powerful Platform For a Six-Figure Income

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You'll discover:
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The mystery of PLATFORM decoded:
Exactly what "platform" means for writers today;
What top writers know, and you can discover:
The ONE big secret to building your platform today;
Your TWO keys to platform:
Use these two strategies daily, and you'll build your platform automatically;
How to become a STAR writer to your clients, even if you're painfully shy:
It's easier than you think to become a hero or heroine to your clients;
Your very own SECRET platform-building weapon:
It's easy, it's fast, and it's fun;
Exactly WHERE the money is hiding, AND:
How to ensure that it flows into your bank account in a steady stream;
Hard-hitting, practical advice and PLANS:
How to write articles, ebooks, and everything you need to build your platform -- make writing easy and fun;
How to get RESULTS, fast:
With six lessons, and tasks for each lesson, so that you'll increase your writing income, as you build your platform.

What writers say about " Your Write to Sell System: Build a Powerful Platform For a Six-Figure Income"

"Loved the lesson format and the exercises of the Write to Sell System! I feel much more confident now. It's conquered my writing fear. Angela asked me to track my results with creating proposals. So: wrote ten, booked two new projects, which equalled half my writing income for last year. This is fun, like Angela says. :-)"
Heidi S. USA

"Angela asked me to work with the Write to Sell System in my personal coaching sessions. The templates were excellent. I set up my website, and I'm following my business plan. I feel like I know what to do now. My wife is shocked that people are paying me to write. Thank you Angela. "
Mandeep G. AU

"I took early retirement because I wanted to write children's books. Then I put it off and couldn't get started. Angela sent me the Write to Sell System and asked me to let her know what happened with Lesson 5 (Ebooks to Sell.) I'm working on my second ebook now... I'm not JK Rowling, but I am inspired... Thanks to Angela I'm living my dreams."
Mia B. France

Building your platform is easy, and you can start today

Whether you're a new writer, or are an experienced pro, you must build your platform. Competition for the top writing jobs, and for sales, has never been greater.

Here's the bad news: competition will increase.

Now the good news: when you understand platform, and write to build your platform, not only will your income increase every month, but you'll also be able to laugh at "competition". Here's why: for a writer with a platform, there's no competition at all. Your audience wants YOU, no one else.

Here's some more good news: the tools you'll need to build your platform are (mostly) FREE. Better yet: once you have your platform-building system in place, it runs on auto-pilot.

What you receive with " Your Write to Sell System: Build a Powerful Platform For a Six-Figure Income", revised and expanded: 2nd Edition

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Your Write to Sell System: Build a Powerful Platform For a Six-Figure Income -- updated

PDF, 181 pages

Straightforward, powerful information for you to build your platform as you write.

Includes six practical lessons, with exercises.

Discover the millions of markets available to you, and exactly how to approach them -- you'll never bother "hunting" for writing jobs, because you'll be booked solid, once you approach potential clients in the right way.

You'll also discover why it's easier to talk than to write, and how to write articles, ebooks, ezines and much more to help you to build a powerful platform.

Templates and examples are included.

Whether you're a new writer, or are a pro, you'll discover that platform-building is fun, exciting, and very profitable.

Enjoy. :-)
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Write From Home: Best-Ever Money-Making Tips from Angela Booth

PDF, 56 pages

Want to write from home? You've got everything you need to get started here. We cover mindset, clients, business aspects, how to create money-making projects and much more.

I've included Write from Home with the Write to Sell System so that you can create your own home-based business and can successfully surmount any and all challenges you meet.

It's packed with practical tips you can use today, and comes with many bonuses to help you to set up websites, and much more.
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Time To Write: Build Your Writing Career Minute By Minute

PDF, 64 pages

Discover that you DO have time to write, no matter how busy you are.

You'll love creating mind maps, keeping your "Go Bag" in the cloud, and moonlighting your way to a full-time writing career.

Thousands of writers have used the Time to Write methods, and benefited from them. Now you can too.

You'll never say that you have "no time to write", because you'll be motivated, and writing will be fun for you, as it is for me.

I love this guide, because it's helped so many writers -- it will help you, too.
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DIY Bestseller Video Course

PDFs, 10 videos

Over 90 minutes of video, to show you exactly how to create a Kindle bestselling ebook.

You can create as many ebooks as you choose. Create bestselling ebooks to build your platform, and increase your income.

You can create them for clients too.

This video series is from a bestselling Kindle author who shows you how it's done.

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Need help? You can ask for any help you need - at any time.

Either Julia (my amazing, hard working assistant) or I will get back to you within hours (often minutes) on a business day, and within eight hours on a weekend.

You're NEVER alone -- Julia and I are here to help.

Enjoy this new program -- early readers love it, and have already used the information to great effect. You'll do this too.

I wish you all success.


Angela Booth

Questions? Contact me. Please let me know of your successes. I love to hear from you. :-)