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Write for just four hours a day:
Make more money than you're making at your day job;
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If you love to write, you can have fun, as you make money;
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Sick of your day job? If you want to write for money, you can do it -- starting today.
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Hi Fellow Writer

Want to write for money -- and lots of it? You can, and more quickly than you believe possible.

Your challenge: getting started.

I know getting started is difficult. I receive messages from aspiring writers every day. You want to make money, and you want to do it quickly.

Perhaps you've already started. You're making a few dollars, but you know you could make much more.

I create writing guides; I've been doing that for a decade. Thousands of writers have developed satisfying careers using the advice I provide, on my free blogs, as well as via my guides.

We're living in challenging times, and over the past year, I've been receiving a steady stream of "Help me, I want to buy your products, but I can't afford it..." messages.

When I started writing, over 30 years ago, many writers, editors and literary agents went out of their way to help me. I bless my early mentors every day, and I've tried to pay their many kindnesses forward.

Let me help you to develop your own writing career.

Create your own high-income writing career -- work fewer hours than you're working now

If you're a writer, you know that writing's FUN. You may be unaware however that writing leaves you lots of time to do other things which are fun too... :-)

I write steadily for around four hours a day, starting at 5AM. At the end of four hours, I'm tired, but in a pleasant way.

The rest of the day is my own. Yes, I need to do the housekeeping chores related to my business. I attend meetings, chat with my students and clients, and plan, but my real work gets done in four hours. If I'm not seeing friends, I write for another hour or so in the evening.

I have lots of time to do the things I enjoy. I can read, watch a movie, play golf... That's the big benefit of a writing career. You can write during the hours you choose. As long as the writing gets done, no one cares. You don't even need to be at home to write: your business is wherever you set up your laptop, smartphone, or iPad.

Imagine what you could do with the rest of your time if you worked for just four hours a day... You can, when you build a lucrative writing career... and you can do it FAST.

Build the writing career you want FAST with the Beginning Writer's Fast-Start Package

The times we're living in are challenging. If you're working a day job, you're nervous. You don't want to hear the dreaded words: "We have to let you go..."

As a freelance writer, you're in control. You have unlimited opportunities, and you can make much more money than you can make at a day job. And no one can fire you...

Why not build the writing career you want? What have you got to lose?

If you've said: "I can't afford it..."

Beginning writers send me messages saying something like "Help me, I want to buy your products, but I can't afford it..." several times a week.

I hear you.

To kick off your career with a bang, you need three things.

You need to know:

* Where to get writing jobs fast

* How to get paid for your writing

* How to make writing fun and enjoyable. Why bother with a writing career if writing's not huge fun for you?

I've chosen FOUR guides which give you exactly what you need, and have created the Beginning Writer's Fast-Start Package.

Here's what's included in the Beginning Writer's Fast-Start Package

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I've packaged four of my best-selling guides into the perfect package for new writers, and for writers who are stuck in low-paying ruts.

Read the full details of the guides on their own pages.
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Instant Income For Writers: Ace the Outsourcing Sites
Every writer needs writing jobs. When you're booked solid, you can relax. Knowledgeable writers use the outsourcing sites to fill their schedules, and to make the writing incomes they want.

Oddly enough however, many writers are scared away from the outsourcing sites. There's a huge level of prejudice against them, which is silly. These sites provide you with the platform to make the income you want.

Perhaps you're prejudiced against the outsourcing sites too. Maybe you took a quick look, and backed away in horror. These sites are global, which means that some writers do indeed write for little pay.

Discover how you can ACE the outsourcing sites.
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Devilish Writer: How to Charge What YOU Want, and Get PAID
Writers' sad little secret: few writers know what works when it comes to pricing their services. Would you like an easy method of pricing your writing services?

Imagine if you could set up a rates sheet for your writing services within the next hour, knowing that the rates you set are right for you, and that you'll attract the best clients for you.

You may find that you'll be paid three times -- even ten times what you're charging now, and that clients will be easier to get.

You'll have complete confidence in the rates you charge, and work with buyers with whom you want to work.

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Angela Booth's EASY-WRITE Process
Many writers struggle to write.

That's a waste of time. You can learn from my experience -- I struggled to write for many years.

Over time, I developed my Easy-Write Process. It's an easy process I've taught to thousands of writers.

Imagine: write whenever you want, and write whatever you want...

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Pinterest for Writers: Creative Strategies To Increase Your Writing Income FAST
Discover the attention economy and sell your writing services and ebooks... It’s all about the images: discover FREE ways to get gorgeous images to get attention. Sell ANYTHING… step by step — campaigns are the secret to profits, and you'll discover how to create them.

You'l be one of he few writers who not only understands Pinterest, but also understands how to make money with it.


It's time to turn your writing into a full-time career

Nervous? Think you won't succeed?

Believe me, I know what it's like to be a new writer... The first time I got really serious about writing full time, I was so nervous my hands shook and I had tears in my eyes as I tapped the keys of my typewriter.

For years, family and friends scoffed at my "little writing hobby"... Were they right? I was more than half-convinced that they were.

But I knew I'd never know, if I didn't give my writing a real chance.

So I did... but overcoming fear was HARD.

I wish I'd had these guides in those long-ago days.

The three guides I've chosen are ALL essential if you want to create a full-time writing career FAST.

How fast?

You can start today. You should be making a respectable income within four weeks or less. You've got me at your side, and you can contact me at any time with questions, or if you need a little motivation and inspiration.

If you love to write, you can have a full-time career. All it takes is desire, and writing.

The Beginning Writer's Fast-Start Package gives you everything you need for success.

How much would you expect to pay?

The guides in the Beginning Writer's Fast-Start Package can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to you over the course of your career. Separately, these products are valued at $350.

If you'd love to quit your day job, I'd love to help you to change your life, and develop the writing career you deserve...

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The package contains PDF files, which you download instantly on payment. (Double-click the ZIP package, to reveal your PDFs.)
You have 2 choice of payment, PayPal or card.
Like another option?
Just ask.


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FREE Coaching included...

I want to make this package a complete no-brainer for you. Therefore, you receive 15 minutes of coaching.

Need help? You can ask for any help you need - at any time.

Either Julia (my amazing, hard working assistant) or I will get back to you within hours (often minutes) on a business day, and within eight hours on a weekend.

You're NEVER alone -- Julia and I are here to help.

Enjoy this new program -- early readers love it, and have already used the information to great effect. You'll do this too.

I wish you all success.


Angela Booth

Questions? Contact me. Please let me know of your successes. I love to hear from you. :-)