Fed up with writing low-paid Web articles?
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"Top Writers' Secrets For YOU:

"If You Want to See Your Name

"In Newsstand Magazines, You Can!"

If you want to kick your writing career up a notch, consider writing for magazines.

Magazine writing is both easy and highly profitable. Once you've learned the techniques in these guides, you'll soon be writing for magazines which pay from $1 to $4 PER WORD.

With thousands of magazines to write for, and new magazines being started every year, you'll never run out of writing opportunities. I've been writing for magazines since around 1980.

Imagine seeing your name in your favorite magazines. How proud would you, AND your family, be?

Freelance Writing: Make Great Money Writing Articles For Magazines (In Your Spare Time)

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Welcome to the wonderful world of writing for magazines. It's possible to make $150,000 a year and more in your new profession.

Magazines need content: they need you.

If you're a new writer, I hope this ebook will inspire you to develop a healthy freelance income writing for magazines. If you're an experienced pro, I hope that you'll pick up some tips which will renew your enthusiasm for magazine writing, and will boost your bank balance too.

The guide is in the form of three sections, with exercises, so if you work through all the exercises, you'll find that you've SOLD an article by the time you're done.

The three sections are:

* Get started writing for magazines

* Pitching Magazine Articles: The Fun and Easy Way

* Freelance Writing Secrets: Increase Your Income Fast

I've included some material to help you to boost your creativity too.

So, why should you care what I have to say?

Primarily, because of my many years of experience. I started writing for magazines in the early 1980s. Over the past 30 years, I've written for women's magazines like Vogue; health and fitness magazines like Energy, computer magazines like PC User, as well as for trade magazines like Writer's Digest.

Nowadays, I focus primarily on copywriting and on creating my own info products, like this one.

That's the benefit of writing for magazines: if you can write for magazines, you can parlay that into writing books, and into creating your own products. Many of the business books I've written were sparked when a magazine editor passed my name to an acquisitions editor at a major book publishing house.

In short, writing for magazines means your name gets known.

I wish I'd this guide when I was starting my career. It would have saved me much time and frustration. (And I'd have started making money earlier, too. :-))

I've taught this material to other writers: in person in community colleges, as well as online. These writers are now successfully selling magazine articles, and best of all, they have a great career.

Learn the method, apply it, sell your work

Once you learn the basic method of magazine writing, you've got a steady supply of work as long as magazines exist. And of course, since magazines are developed for advertisers to showcase their products, this will be forever, even if they all eventually all turn into apps (digital format magazines), as many magazines are doing now. Print or digital, magazines need WORDS.

In this 110-page guide, you'll discover:

* A three-step process so you can write for ANY magazine

* Lessons with exercises which help you to write your articles, and sell them, step by step

* Secret techniques of selling writers

* How to build relationship with magazines, so that they commission you regularly

* Fun, easy ways to find topics that you can write quickly and easily

* And much more ... this ebook is your key to a successful magazine writing career. (Pitch and query samples are included, so you have models to work from.)
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I know you'll succeed

Have fun. Writing for magazines is a wonderful experience. You'll build your confidence as a writer with every piece you sell.

Happy writing. :-)

Angela Booth


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