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"Build The Writing Career You Want In 2013

"And Beyond

"Using One Simple, Easy Strategy...

"Discover The Secrets Of Press Release POWER


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Write ONE press release in 20 minutes for which your clients will happily pay you $350
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Get out of article writing ghettos, and discover how to make real money as a writer
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Use the simple, easy publicity tricks I've been using myself for 30 years... my clients pay well for publicity campaigns, and yours will too
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Hi Fellow Writer

Competition's getting tougher for writers.

This is primarily due to the fact that many new "writers" are jumping onto the writing bandwagon. Writing's been turned into a commodity, and as with any commodity, price is the only factor which counts.

If you're competing with other writers on price -- stop doing that. It benefits no one, least of all your clients.

If you've been following my ezine, and my writing blogs, you know that I'm always advising you on ways to get known.

You need to build name recognition, so that clients know that your name stands for quality and reliability.

There's a fast track to getting name recognition. It's publicity, which comes from press releases. Did you know that 80 per cent of news stories are triggered by press releases?

If you don't know how publicity works, we're going to remedy that. :-)

Press release power: you can use it in many ways

When I started out as a writer, I wrote romance novels for a UK publisher. In my day job, I managed a small business.

Newspaper advertising rates drained profits from the business, so I decided to start writing press releases to get some free publicity. This was in the early 1980s. I sent the press releases to newspapers, TV and radio news directors... and was shocked at the results.

Business boomed. We were able to cut down on our ad spend, while tripling business.

That showed me the power of free publicity, and I've never forgotten it. Once I started selling my copywriting services, publicity campaigns were a major part of my business for simple reasons: they're cheap, fast, and immensely powerful.

You can get free publicity too, once you discover how publicity campaigns work.

Learn how to write online press releases for yourself, and for others

Over the past few years, online press releases have taken over from traditional press releases. These days, rather than creating publicity campaigns for the media, you create them for your audience. That is, either for your own audience, or for your clients' audiences.

You'll get your press releases into Google News, which drives great traffic. (Visitors to your site.)

Google News is a news aggregator. Once you know how press releases work, you can get your releases into Google News. This drives traffic anywhere you want it to go.

Imagine writing a press release you've written (you'll discover how to create powerful press releases as part of a campaign in my new guide), appearing in Google News, and getting traffic to your own website (or to clients' sites.)

You'll instantly get clients -- and/ or cash.

I love press releases. Whatever you're promoting, you'll instantly attract the audience you want, and you'll make sales.

I've used press releases in my business for many years.

They help me to launch sites and products, and make on-going sales. Online press releases are "the gift that keeps on giving" because a single press release will send you traffic for years.

Why should YOU learn how to write press releases?

One word: money.

Once you learn how press release campaigns work, you can create simple campaigns for your clients.

You can feel quite comfortable charging anywhere from $3,000 to $7,000 per campaign.

This is a drop in the bucket to businesses, which are used to paying at least 10 per cent of their net for advertising.

Writing publicity is a form of copywriting, and YOU can do it -- even as a relatively new writer.

I'll show you how.
This product has VANISHED...

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What Online Press Release Campaigns Are, And How To Create Them Step By Step: you can target any market directly;
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How I Created A Press Release In 30 Minutes, Which Generated $4,512 In Sales: you'll see everything I used, so you can do this too;
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How To Achieve Guru Status In Any Niche or Specialty: if you want to dominate a new-to-you niche fast (or become a specialist writer) -- you'll learn how;
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How To Use Press Releases To Sell Products: you can do this without a website;
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How To Use Press Releases To Sell Your Own Products: it's what I do -- and will keep on doing, because it works;
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One HUGE Traffic Secret You Must Know: discover how to get a flood of instant traffic, over and over again;
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Videos Which Show You How To Write Press Releases Step By Step -- the easy way;
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Why Unique Content In Your Press Releases Sells, And How To Get That Unique Content: when you learn this simple technique, your press releases will get all the traffic (and sales) you want;
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How To Use Social Media With Your Press Releases: harness the power of Facebook and Twitter to engage your audience;
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How To Promote Yourself Using "SEO" Press Releases, so that you're booked solid;
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And Much More.

A complete course in developing publicity campaigns: power up your writing business as never before

Here's what's included:

* Your comprehensive guide to killer press releases: 66 pages, in PDF format;

* A cheat sheet mind map outline in PDF: print it out and use it as you create your press releases;

* The press release template I use;

* A shortlist of my favorite PR sites;

* PLUS...

BONUS Videos: press releases step by step

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You receive six videos, which show you exactly how to write press releases, step by step.

You'll learn the strategies I use, to achieve success. I haven't shared these strategies before, anywhere.

Extra special bonus: a free personal consultation on your first press release

I charge $300 an hour for coaching and consultations, but I want to make sure that you're getting everything you possibly can out of this material. To that end, you can send me any press release you've written, and I'll consult with you on it, to make certain it works and does everything you want it to.

This press release can be one you've written to promote your writing, or any product you're selling, or it can be one you've written for a client.

Here's what early users have said

Originally Posted by Adrian264

I've purchased a number of Angela's products last year and signed up for one of her courses. Once again I'm impressed by the amount of useable information and value for money that she delivers.

As I've only just purchased "...Killer Press Releases" and not yet had a chance to fully read it but only skim, I must say that the eBook's content clearly defines the structure of Press Release requirements.

Thanks Angela for another quality product...
Adrian Murphy MA (Writing)

"Love it, Angela... Just gone full-time, and want to attract "better" clients who are willing to spend more. Now I can offer them a brand new service. You'll be pleased to know that 3 of my clients have already signed up. Their retainers mean that I have additional regular income each month. Thank you!"

Liz P. USA

"Excellent, just excellent... I'm a former journalist, and want to use press releases for promotion, but... getting ideas for them was a struggle. Your 'ideas' video switched on the lights. Thank you so much. I can see myself doing gangbusters business this year."

Gerard O. Germany

Can you write press releases and add a huge new income stream this year?

In a word, yes. The beauty of press releases is that they're simple. Whether you're a new writer, or have been writing for years, you can easily develop a great new income stream.

Once you understand that there's a process, and how everything works together, you're all set.

I've added six videos to this powerful package to show you exactly how it's done. You'll see the "tricks" I use, to make writing easy and fun.
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Need help? You can ask for any help you need - at any time.

Either Julia (my amazing, hard working assistant) or I will get back to you within hours (often minutes) on a business day, and within eight hours on a weekend.

You're NEVER alone -- Julia and I are here to help.

Enjoy the guide -- I had lots of fun creating it for you, and you'll have fun putting the info into action. :-)


Angela Booth

Questions? Contact me.