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"How To Go From Amateur Writer To Pro…

Start Earning A Pro’s Six-Figure Income

In 60 Minutes Or Less – You Deserve It!"

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Get eager clients at the rates you want
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Raise your rates – even if other writers are lowering theirs
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Realize that TOP clients are looking for YOU: win opportunities

The problem: you spend hours hunting for writing jobs every week…

Those are hours you'll never get back.

Here's how this tiring process works. You visit a bunch of "writing job" sites, and apply for jobs. You do that every day, or every week, or whenever you get desperate enough.

Here's what happens. You hear nothing at all. Or you write and wait for them to pay you. Sometimes you wait forever.

There's an excellent reason this process doesn't work: the top writing jobs are not advertised.

Think about it. The top editors and other buyers of your writing never, ever post "help wanted" ads.

They deal with writers they know.


Here's the solution: become a celebrity writer

There are two kinds of writers. The first writer just wants to write. He wants to get on with writing; he gets joy out of productivity. He feels wonderful when he's completed a writing stint and has managed to write 1000 or 2000 words which he knows are good words.

The second kind of writer thinks strategically. He knows that there are hundreds of thousands of writers worldwide, all trying to make a living. He instinctively knows that to stand out from the crowd, in addition to writing well, he needs to make himself memorable. In short, a celebrity.

Most writers start out just wanting to write. Professional writers however realize that clients forget you the moment you complete their project. Sad, but true. :-)

To ensure that your clients remember you – and that you get a continuous flow of new clients – you must advertise and brand yourself – and become a celebrity.

I've been writing successfully for 30 years. It took me a long time to work out that advertising works – I didn't take it seriously for the first 20 years of my career. This is ironic, considering that I was helping my copywriting clients to advertise and create brands. I just didn't apply the same thinking to my writing.

I was lucky. When I started, writing wasn't as competitive. I blundered around, getting known despite myself.

If only I’d known then, what I know now. :-)

Sooner or later, ALL professional writers realize that their primary goal is to get known, or build a platform, in literary jargon.

I've made it easy for you. Now you get to discover what works: you can become a celebrity to your writing clients.

I've created a brand new guide which helps you to get started advertising and branding fast.

Introducing -- You're A Celebrity: Advertising And Branding Tricks For Writers

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Advertising works. It does two things: it gets you the results you want, and it BRANDS you as a writer.

Firstly, you will get results for an ad instantly. If the ad is aimed at getting writing jobs, you'll get hired. If you want to sell your ebook, you'll make sales. If you want to get readers to your blog, you'll get readers.

That's why I'm included the series of videos on Facebook ads in this package: instant results. Facebook ads are simple to create, they're cheap, and they work.

There are two forms of advertising: paid, and free.

You should use a mix of both paid and free forms of advertising.

Here's why. Paid advertising gets quick results, but it's short term. When you stop paying, the advertising stops. Free advertising on the other hand, tends to be long-lasting. Rather than investing dollars, you're investing time.

At 47 pages, this guide is a quick read, but it's information-packed. I want you to get started fast, so within an hour of reading, you can get started on your first ad campaign.

You're A Celebrity: Advertising And Branding Tricks For Writers is your complete guide to getting known as a writer

Wherever you are in your writing career at the moment, this guide helps you to take it to the next level.

Just a few of the things you'll learn:
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The one big secret celebrities teach you, which will help you to become a celebrity to your clients, much more quickly than you imagine (hint: it's all about visibility)
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Three super-simple free advertising strategies which will pay off for you for years to come – you can get started on these today
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Clever ways to instant results from your advertising – once you use these methods, your Inbox will be packed with messages from people who want to hire YOU
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The methods professional writers use which protect themselves from downturns in the economy: you get the clients you want, and as many as you want, when you want them
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The one huge mistake you can make in branding, and how to correct it
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The ten per cent solution to building your advertising budget: the secret of pro writers
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My own powerful strategies – I share them here for the first time

Here's a sampling of what early readers have said

"I'm a Sell Your Writing Online NOW (SYWON) student, and I love it. Thanks for letting me read a draft of You're A Celebrity: Advertising And Branding Tricks For Writers Angela -- it's amazing. I've already set up some ads, and like you said, it enhances everything I'm doing, and gets results faster."
Rebecca T.
"Thanks for sending me the reviewer's copy. I can see what you mean by branding organically. I've seen this in action, but I wasn't aware of it. I've got some changes to make in my promotions, right away. This is powerful, Angela. I can see where I need to put my attention now."
Adam M.
"Just want to say that I'm using You're A Celebrity to take everything forward... Put three ads up. One response so far -- and it's from a big corporation. They want me to write a scope. Thank you for the advice on how to do that, and how to price, and for everything you do, Angela."
Kathryn P.
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