About "Writing Career" and Angela Booth

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Welcome, dear writer.

Firstly, something about me. I started my own writing career over 30 years ago now. Yes, I know... it shocks me, too. :-)

If you know me from elsewhere online, you may be wondering, why another site for writers?

It's simple, really. Although I have many sites for writers, including Fab Freelance Writing, and my writing blog, my other sites attract beginning and aspiring writers.

While beginning and aspiring writers are of course welcome here, I wanted to start a site aimed specifically at those writers who are intent on forging a writing career.

So this site, "Writing Career", is squarely aimed at YOU if you want all the tools you need to create a lucrative writing career, and perhaps even a writing business.

Over the past 30 years, many teachers, writers, editors, publishers and agents helped to guide my path. My other sites, and this site especially, are my ways of paying it forward.

I wish you much joy as you move forward on your own path. Do contact me if I can help you in any way, and of course, you know that when you purchase one of my writing guides, you receive free coaching.

Happy writing. :-)

All best wishes

Angela Booth